Howard Elementary has a Title I “Schoolwide Program.” This means that the Title I funds and staff can be utilized to benefit ALL students at Howard. Title I is a federally funded program, and we serve ANY student who could benefit from either occasional or frequent small group or one-on-one instruction.

Mrs. Schaaf and Mrs. Eller are the Title I teachers, and we service students by going into classrooms or pulling students out individually or in small groups for additional instruction or review. We offer “Buzz Bags” which are reading and math games we can send home that are for parents to play with their child. We also host a “Bingo for Books” at the PTO Fish Fry in the fall. Mrs.Miller also assist us in servicing students.

We would be happy to meet with you at your request and at your convenience to discuss our program if you have any questions. Our web page includes information pertinent to our program as well. You may reach us by calling the school or by one of the following email addresses: diana.schaaf@nwsc.k12.in.usvicki.eller@nwsc.k12.in.us