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Howard Elementary where Excellence in Education is a Tradition and our Purpose is Excellence in Education for All

Welcome! This Web Page is a resource for the services provided by the Howard Elementary Title One Program. We strive to meet the needs of our students through the services we provide. You will find descriptions of our services here. Infomation about Title One will be provided and updated as needed to share important information with you. You may browse through the contents, explore the links, or contact us. Thank you for your interest!

Title One Services and Information
Title One Resources

We have a Parent Resource Center, located in the main office, with information about Title One as well as information on ways you can help your child become academically successful. Below you will find links to handouts and policies more specific to our Title One Program.

Morning School

We provide before-school tutoring and homework help for identified students in grades 4-6. This takes place in the Title One classrooms from 8:00-9:00. The start date and the days of the week for this program are to be determined for the 2016-2017 school year. We no longer are able to offer bus transportation to this program.

Buzz Bags

We offer "Buzz Bags" to students and parents as a way to strenghten math and language skills at home. Included in the bags are educational games or books for students and parents to enjoy together. 

Bingo for Books and Family Math Game Night

Title One hosts a "Bingo for Books" during the Fall PTO Fish Fry and a "Family Math Game Night" during the spring PTO Fish Fry. Both activities are fun for the whole family and you may just win a prize!

Title One Staff

Vicki Eller- Title One Teacher (AM ONLY)

Dallas Calloway- Title One Teacher

Gail Myers- Title One Aid

Theresa Vent- Title One Aid


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