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Welcome to my ClassPage!

Hello!  I hope you enjoy your visit to my website.  My name is Diana Schaaf and I have been teaching at Howard since the fall of 1989. 

Class Agenda

In 4th Grade we read quite a few novels and work occasionally out of our text book.  Our textbook series is Scott, Foresman (Pearson Learning) and we typically read and study a story each week.  We will work on new vocabulary each week and also on skills such as:  main idea & details, fact & opinion, sequencing, plot, and author's purpose.  We may read more novels, but it depends upon the individual classes and their abilities and needs. 


We use the Hake, Saxon math series.  I tend to follow the format pretty closely.  We take a test after every 5 lessons and the test will cover all material covered in class up to that point (minus 5 lessons).  We take vocabulary quizzes after every investigation or every 10 lessons.  I find that these reinforce the math vocabulary and eliminates the students missing some problems on the ISTEP and other standardized tests.

Social Studies

In Social Studies we will study Indiana History.  We have gotten past the Hoosier Statehood and will continue once we finish our Famous Hoosier Wax Museum.  Please feel free to visit us on March 27th for the Wax Museum!

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